• Compact construction
  • Small transport weight of 250 cm
  • Cambridge rings ø530 mm/ 123 pieces
  • Complete hydraulic folding in 3 parts
  • Construction prepared for Vibro beam
  • Stable trapezoid frame construction
  • Connection with straight draw bar

Optional additional equipment:

  • Vibro beam front
  • Marker boards with lightning
  • Wheels 400/60-15.5


Perfect for recompacting (consolidation) of too loose soil and for crushing of big clods. Primarily the field roller is working due to its high weight and second due to its form of profile..

The field roller with cambridge rings can be used in a variety of ways. The smooth rings are crushing the soil and effect a very good pressing on, serrated intermediate rings enable a reliable cleaning of the roller.

Through an aimed field use the TerraRoll is able to improve the soil contact and the relating field emergence as well as the tillering of the plant.

The roof-like profile of the rings enables an optimal pressing on and is crushing the soil.


By cracking the crust the emergence of the seed is made easier, the little roll resistance prevents that seed is buried, which brings benefit especially when pressing on fine seeds.

Ideal for ecological control against snails.

The Vibro beam is equipped with drag tines and increases the efficiency of the TerraRoll. It enables good crumbling and levelling of ploughed field. The working angle is adjustable hydraulically from the tractor and can be adjusted individual to the soil condition.



Regent plough factory Ltd.