Advantage by Front-Roller

Waved disc front-roller for the spring tine cultivator combination Terrakan

An additional front-tool has been newly developed – more precisely, a waved disc front-roller for the Terrakan spring tine cultivator, which supports the use of the cultivator on areas with greening or for the tillage of frozen plants in spring. By means of spindle adjustment the working depth of the front-roller is adjusted, in combination with the trailing roller a precise adjustment of the processing horizon is possible. The waved disc roller cuts the soil and any existing crop residues or soil growth, the waved disc shape provides for the corresponding self-propelling. The shredded crop residues cover the soil and protect it from dehydration and erosion. Through this new front-tool a higher application possibility and profitability of the machine at the agrictultural enterprise was reached.

Terrakan R4 5000 with wave-cut front roller