Spring tine Cultivator Terrakan R4

The perfect spring tine cultivator for cumbling and levelling of the soil

The universal spring tine cultivator Terrkan from Regent can be used on various types of soil. Flat soil cultivation (4-15 cm) is its main application, as well as crumbling of the upper layer of the soil and the equal levelling for seeding. Ideal areas of application for the Terrakan are as well the working in of manure and agricultural fertilizers.

Adavantages in the Overview

  • Variable linkage: three-point linkage or pulled with semi-mounted waggon
  • Optimal mixing effect by amount of tines and tines position
  • Various variations for all requirements
  • Stable frame construction at low tare weight
  • Spring Tine Cultivator Terrakan R4
    The Regent Terrakan, equipped with spring tines and trailing rollers,
    is perfect suitable for mixing in of organic matter and for
    levelling at coarse clods before seeding.
  • Spring Tine Cultivator Terrakan R4
    The universal spring tine cultivator of Regent

Spring Tine Cultivator Terrakan Roller Technology

Straw weeder

  • The straw weeder with 10 mm double tines enables a good
    final smoothing of the soil surface.
  • At straw residues you obtain a renewed mixing and at seed bed
    preparation you obtain a good mixing of the soil structure.
  • The straw weeder can be adjusted in depth and in the angle.

Single roller tiller

  • ø400 mm
  • Good depth guidance ø 400 mm
  • Overrun currycomb (optionally)

Double roller tiller

  • In frontø400 mm, backwards ø350 mm
  • Very good mixing effect can be achieved by a combi-roller and reconsolidation of the soil by a cage roller, reach a high crushing effect.
    Exact depth guidance and back-strengthening by double surface and pendulum suspension.
  • Overrun currycomb (optionally)

Ring roller

  • ø600 mm
  • Very good resolidification – optimal soil for self-sown grain and weed
  • Good crumbling and cleaning of the roller tillers by wipe knifes between the rings
  • No clogging, big diameter
  • Very good suited for mulch seed
  • Overrun currycomb (optionally)

Technical Data Terrakan Spring Tine Cultivator

  • Spring tines 70 x 12 mm (duck-foot-share, broad share optional)
  • 15 cm distance of tines
  • 4 –15 cm working depth
  • 3 / 5 / 6 meters working width available
  • As of working width of 5 m, folding for street transport takes place through two hydraulic cylinders
  • Spring Tine Cultivator Terrakan R4
    The perfect spring tine cultivator for crumbling and levelling
  • Spring Tine Cultivator Terrakan R4
    The vibro board crushes frozen crop residues and
    spreads them into working direction.



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