Power harrows ensure an ideal crumbling of the seedbed

Regent power harrows ensure an ideal preparation of the seedbed. Easy-pulling knife tines guarant a perfect crumbling.

Power harrows, mostly in combination with the appropriate sowing technology, have become established in professional agriculture. Crucial to this technique is the quality of the crumbling and a good recompression by the roller technique. The aim is a rapid emergence of the seed by good contact with the ground.
Too fine crumbling leads to risk of erosion, too coarse seedbed is often the cause of incomplete or delayed emergence.

The working tools

The power harrow has prevailed in combination with the set-up seed drill. Again, the working widths increase continuously, which of course requires more pulling power.
The seed combination forms the basis in today’s seedbed preparation. Decisive factors are the choice of the coulters, position of coulters, tines, position of tines, curry comb technology and the kind of trailing roller.
The power harrow is used on both heavy and light soils. On sandy surfaces is driven at a lower speed to avoid too fine crumbling. If the tines are mounted “on grip”, it is referred to as a rotary cultivator (model Orbit). Field of application here is mainly mulch drilling or reduced soil cultivation.

Regent -Expert for Power Harrows

Regent power harrows find their ideal application in both areas and impress with their robust construction for a long service life. Despite their robust design, the models Aress, KSE and Orbit by Regent are extremely easy-pulling and fuel-efficient. A large product range with a wide range of equipment options offers the perfect model for every agricultural enterprise.

The entry-level in the seedbed preparation

Power Harrows Series ARESS

Professional technology in seedbed preparation

Power Harrows Series ORBIT

KSE HK stands for hydraulically foldable power harrows

Regent Series KSE HK