Reversible Plough Titan

Reversible Plough with hydraulic working width adjustment

The plough model Titan differs from the model Eurostar in the hydraulic working width adjustment and is thus a variable plough.
Here, the desired working width is adjusted hydraulically from the tractor seat during ploughing. The front furrow and the pull point are adjusted automatically. All other front tools, disc coulters and support wheels are also automatically adjusted with the change of the working width.

Adavantages in the Overview

  • Hydraulic working width adjustment of each plough body
  • Quick adjustment of the working width for the different types of soil and terrain
  • Easy ploughing of wedge surfaces or obstacles
  • High quality ploughing technology with perfect basic equipment
  • CX adjustment centre for the simplest basic setting
  • Reversible Plough Titan
    The Titan:
    Modern technology for highest performance
  • Reversible Plough Titan
    The hydraulic working width adjustment and
    the frame swing System FTS are characteristic for this plough series.

Frame swing system FTS

The new developed frame swing System FTS enables a turning, where pivot point and priority axis cover each other completely.

  • Peak loads at headstock can be avoided
  • Improvement of the turning security, especially at hillside
  • The adjusted cutting width is not changed during turning.

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Frame swing system FTS

CX-Adjustment Centre also for model Titan

Also, the Regent Titan is equipped with the CX adjustment centre, which allows a quick and comfortable adaptation to different track widths.

  • Simple, clear and self-explanatory in operation
  • Close-to-center mounting of the plough through a compact design
  • Infinite and easy adaptation of the cutting width of the first body
  • No change of the tow point due to a parallel shift

The CX-adjustment centre with Regent ploughs guarantees an easy basic setting.

Technical Data TITAN

  • Tractors from 90 to 450 HP
  • Cutting widths from 29 to 60 cm hydraulically adjustable
  • Frame dimensions from 100 to 200 mm
  • Frame thickness up to 12 mm
  • Furrows from 6 to 6 shares available

The plough Regent Titan with hydraulic cutting width adjustment is available with up to 6 shares.



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