Spring Tine Cultivator TERRAKAN R6 BIO

The expert in agricultural cultivation and organic farming

For many years, farmers have come to appreciate REGENT’s TERRAKAN range of spring tine cultivators. Diverse application possibilities of this machine ensure the highest profitability in conventional as well as organic farming and range from shallow stubble tillage to greening tillage in the spring to seedbed preparation.
Due to the continuous development, the farmer can now be offered a wide range of models, whether the model TERRAKAN R4 (4 beams) for conventional use or the new TERRAKAN R6 BIO (6 beams), each in working widths of 3 m to 6 m available. The optional extras also include a wide range of equipment: duck-foot-share, carbide tipping, front-roller, vibro-board, straw harrow, support wheels, with or without trailing roller, and much more. Such a large selection of models and additional tools can not be found elsewhere.
Every farmer will find the perfect cultivator in the field of spring tine cultivators by REGENT.
The new TERRAKAN R6 BIO impresses with its 6-beams frame construction and solid spring tines in the dimension 70×12 mm which are divided with a distance of tines of 13 cm. Spring-loaded leveling tines distribute the earth material and prevent the formation of windrows. By means of a socket pin, these can be folded up easily and without tools. Instead of a trailing roller, a large-sized 12 mm pressure and tilt adjustable straw harrow is used. This ensures that coarse earth chunks are crushed, weeds are laid loose on the surface and subsequently the weeds are dryed out by the sunlight. At the same time, the soil is not reconsolidated. Air-tired support wheels with a dimension of ø500×200 mm provide the necessary depth guidance and soil protection at the same time.

Depth wheels for depth guidance
6 beam frame construction