Set-up Seed Drill VENTRA

Professional technology for high demands.

For more than 15 years Regent is known for the set-up seed drill Seedstar. Lightweight, compact and clear are the focal points of this series. The drilling technique will soon be strengthened by the VENTRA series. Of course, their focus is slightly different from that of the light sister.

First presentation at AGRITECHNICA in Hannover!

The model series VENTRA stands for pneumatic seed drills with 3-point linkage and strengthens the drilling technology at Regent from now on.

The VENTRA set-up seed drill already comes with a comprehensive range of standard equipment, including electronic dosing drive, universal dosing unit, comfort calibration unit, load sensing control, electronic operation terminal with tramline control, hydraulic coulter bar control with automatic coulter lifting and automatic coulter pressure adjustment, double disc coulters with R-Disturbance and depth guide press wheels and much more. On request, the machine can be supplemented with additional equipment such as harrow, hydraulic disc markers, hopper extension and more.

The automatic coulter bar control allows preselection of the desired coulter pressure via the operating terminal Ventron. By means of electronically controlled hydraulic cylinders, this is subsequently maintained during sowing even under changing operating conditions.

A lot of air is available to the machine thanks to a large fan when sowing. The large fan allows full performance with low rotations and low oil performance.

The set-up seed drill VENTRA M is mounted on the power harrows of the ORBIT series. These are characterized by their ease of movement thanks to 12 rotors with a working width of 3 meters. A robust construction and tapered roller bearings make them the perfect and long-term companion in sowing.

Thanks to the combined semi-mounting, the weight of the set-up seed drill is transferred to the mounting tower of the power harrow during road transport, so that the tank is not loaded. In field use, however, the weight of the set-up seed drill is transferred to the trailing roller, this allows an improved operation of the power harrow on heavy soils and unburdens the power harrow at the same time.