Visit by regional councilor for agriculture Max Hiegelsberger

Investments and added value strengthen the region

At the beginning of April, the regional councilor for agriculture, Max Hiegelsberger, visited the Regent plow factory in Attnang-Puchheim in Upper Austria as part of a district tour. LR Hiegelsberger was convinced of the positive business situation in the extended agricultural sector. That a company like Regent can make it through this difficult time during the corona pandemic without short-time work shows the strength of the agricultural sector. “The farms are the backbone of the economy” emphasized Mr. LR Hiegelsberger.

The high added value was also convincing. Not only purchasing, development and administration but also the entire production and assembly are situated at the business location Attnang-Puchheim. All components, whether large or small, are formed, pressed and forged from the raw material, the entire delegation was astonished by the high level of production depth.

  • 100% made in Austria

Value creation has its origins in appreciation, emphasized CEO Michael Penetsdorfer, which strengthens the entire region.

Since its origins in 1925, Regent has placed great value on indepen-dence and in-house production. Since all processes are anchored in the own company, security against crises becomes transparent as a valuable asset for the company.

from left: chairwoman of the Chamber of Agriculture LAbg. Michaela Langer-Weninger, CEO Michael Penetsdorfer, councilor of agriculture LR Max Hiegelsberger